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Motivate Fitness Affiliate Program Overview

There are several major differences between Motivate Fitness and other weight loss and diet sites, but the most significant one is that all of the others only pay you one time. Why promote a product that only pays you on a single sale when you can earn monthly from each member you refer? Motivate Fitness helps you build real residual income.

Lean4EverThe Backbone of the Motivate Fitness Program is our eBook Lean 4 Ever. This eBook is packed with the most up to date knowledge on the fat loss, abs and diet industry. The book actually takes a very different approach. It’s not just some diet plans and a workout schedule or any type of quick fix crash diet course that’s only going to fail.

It actually educates them on why it is not their fault they are overweight and gives them the proper steps to take to finally change and really make a difference in their life.

With the purchase of the eBook, they also receive access to the Motivate Fitness Member’s Area. This is a huge benefit for our members! In there we provide over 200 training videos, fitness calculators, and a complete section on building muscle. They can also participate in our online fitness community where they can create a blog to track their progress, customize their own pages by adding photos, videos, and much more information and options. They can also interact with other members to both give and receive advice on the forums.

With our eBook and exclusive diet and nutrition software we have created the perfect program for those promoting in the weight loss or abs arena. Get started today with the Motivate Fitness affiliate program and start earning monthly recurring income!

Why should I promote the weight loss or abs industry?

GraphWeight loss and the abs industry is what we call an evergreen market. What do we mean by evergreen? There is an endless supply of leads and customers that want to purchase these products. With obesity at an all time high there has never been a better time to promote weight loss.

We use to handle all of our sales and payouts. They have been in business for over 10 years and have never missed an affiliate payment. They are one of the most reputable affiliate networks online. They provide billing for over 10,000 products and services. A Clickbank affiliate account is completely FREE and it takes less than 1 minute to complete. All affiliates are instantly approved. You can receive affiliate payments each week. Clickbank handles all processing and payments. If you are new to Clickbank you can create your Clickbank account here

How much can you earn as an affiliate of Motivate Fitness?

MoneyWhen you make a sale through Motivate Fitness you will receive 75% or $35.25 and then when the person upgrades to our monthly membership fitness tracking and diet software you will receive an additional 75% or $26.66 the first month and then 50% or $17.98 every month thereafter on the reoccurring membership. Note: (There will be minimal Clickbank fees deducted)

Below is a chart only showing the initial sale of our Lean 4 Ever eBook. These totals do not include any back end sales from our diet tracking and nutritional software.


As you can see in the chart above, it doesn’t take many sales to start to build a significant income with Motivate Fitness. We have training on a variety of marketing techniques for both the newbie and seasoned marketer.

Now you have every resource and tool imaginable to make a serious amount of money online simply promoting Motivate Fitness!

Always remember...

If you can just refer around 3 people per day, you’ll be earning around $5,287 per month and that's without the recurring back end sales from our diet tracking and nutritional software!

To our success in 2012,

Robbie MacNeil