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There are several PPC (pay per click) advertising mediums available with Google being the largest. Yahoo has just merged its PPC with Bing so it is a little easier to hit those two networks now using Bings interface to advertise to both. I’m pretty sure if you have made your way here you know what Google Yahoo and Bing are. You guessed it search engines.

These search engines are kind enough to let us run ads on them that they call PPC or pay per clicks. To give you an idea of how effect this type of advertising can be Google’s PPC revenue in 2009 was 23 Billion that’s right billion. The best thing about PPC is you do not pay unless a visitor actually clicks and visits your website. With that being said PPC have to be approached with some knowledge before you dive right in.

The most qualified Google Adwords person on the planet is Perry Marshall. He has been dissecting Adwords since its inception. He has a free 5 days to success with Google Adwords we highly recommend. Perry’s book has also been in invaluable resource in our success with Google Adwords. Remember if you want to be a successful online marketer you should be investing in yourself and Perry has an affordable line of products that we highly recommend.

Please visit Perry’s site here

Google itself also has some excellent training themselves AdWords Online Classroom provides free online training, delivered by local AdWords experts, to help you achieve long-term advertising success with AdWords. Whether you're new to AdWords and wish to learn the basics, or you've been with AdWords for a while and want to take your account to the next level, they offer a range of topics to suit your needs.

Follow this link to learn about Adwords. Google Adwords Training

TIP: Remember one thing when working on your campaigns. There are some important differences between Perry Marshalls training and Google’s. Google’s interest is to get you to spend the most amount of money on clicks they are not concerned with your ROI or return on investment. So if you find conflicting advice between Perry and Google Perry’s top concern is to educate you on making a profit using Adwords. Listen to Perry hands down. He is the master and knows his stuff inside out.

The Top PPC Advertising Sources Online In Our Opinion Are…

Most people start with using Google Ad Words to advertise in PPC, which is great... but you shouldn’t forget about these other top PPC places online to boost your sales!

Google AdWords
Ad Brite
Exo Click
ABC Search
Search 123

Targeted Keywords For Your PPC Campaigns

Now that you know the top PPC Advertising sources to promote Motivate Fitness, you need some keywords to target don’t yah? Well don’t worry, we have listed them all out for you so you don’t need to do hours of research!


Keyword List #1 - Get Abs


Keyword List #2 - Six Pack


Keyword List #3 - Lose Weight

Now that you know where to promote Motivate Fitness and what keywords to use, the last piece to the puzzle is your actual PPC Ad Copy. We have written out some great examples that you can literally just copy & paste!

Sample PPC Ads

You must be very careful not make unrealistic claims in your PPC ads. Most of the networks and also the FTC or Federal trade commission frown upon this. So no Lose 10lbs in 10 Days or Drop all your weight without Diet and exercise. These ads are misleading and will often make you lose credibility and that is the last thing you want.

Here are some examples of some great ads that will pull in your target audience without making false claims. Feel free to switch it up. Remember these are people just like you and me reading these ads it’s not rocket science educate and help these people and they will become a customer forever.

Top Fat Fighting Foods

Discover Foods that actually
Help you lose weight.

2 Foods That Store Fat

Don’t Eat These They
Will Make You Store Fat

1 Belly Fat Blaster

This Meal Eats Belly Fat
My Fat Stomach Is Gone

Can Nuts Fight Fat

Learn How Certain Nuts
Help Accelerate Fat Loss

Cinnamon Fat Loss Secret

Simply Sprinkle This Spice
Accelerate Your Fat Loss

1% Fat Fighting Rule

Follow This Rule. Learn
How 1% Changes Everything