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Video marketing is quickly become one of the most sought after traffic sources online. Every month there are 30 billion videos that are viewed. To ignore this kind of traffic would leave a lot of money on the table. The big three search engines are including video in their search results as well and it is much easier to optimize your videos for the search engines because there is much less competition.

Depending on the report about 50% of the houses in the U.S. have broadband, and that trend is continuing across the world. 80% to 90% of businesses are now using broadband. So everyone has the ability to watch these videos now.

Points you need to understand: Surfing on the internet has recently overtaken television as the largest recreational activity. By the end of 2010 it is estimated that more than 2 billion people will be using the internet. It took over 50 years for television to get to this point.

Everyone has heard of Google and YouTube. After one year in business YouTube was acquired for $1.65 billion by Google. This company was nonexistent before this simply because the technology wasn’t there; YouTube is now getting more traffic than MySpace,, and EBay. This shows the explosive growth of video and its viral nature.

The best thing about video marketing is it is free! It will only cost some of your time. It’s well worth the investment.

To get started video marketing you will need a camera. Most laptops have one built in now and they are very simple to use. You could also use a hand held camera there are just a few extra steps to get the video on your computer so you can upload it to the various video sharing sites.

The next thing you will want to do is some keyword research. It is best to target hundreds of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords contain 3-4 words. Instead of trying to target “lose weight” that gets thousands of searches target “best way to lose weight” this term gets fewer searches but will be much easier to optimize for. Remember you will get your traffic volume from hundreds of videos targeting lower volume keywords


Bullet If you don’t make a plan for yourself to succeed at video marketing you will fail. Plan to make at least 5-6 videos a week. More if you can. The more videos the more traffic and the more money you will make it’s that simple. The first week or two may be a little slower because of the learning curve but once you are all setup then it will become much easier.


Bullet Make your videos relatively short, under 5 minutes is best. Most people browse through a number of videos when visiting sites like YouTube and Google Video, and may be unwilling to give any one video too much of their time.


Bullet Make your video interesting, entertaining and provocative. If it doesn't "wow" people, they will have little incentive to share it with other people they know, or across their social networks.


Bullet Don’t do too much promotion or selling. The most powerful short videos are those which are purely entertaining. It's when people click through to your site that the time is right to add your sales message.


Bullet Make hundreds of videos. It is hard, if not impossible, to accurately predict which videos will enjoy wide, viral distribution. Our own testing demonstrated that some videos were shared more than ten times as much as others. So plan on creating a series of clips, and learn from the one which performs the best.


Bullet Optimize your video clips to maximize distribution across social network sites, use tags and bookmarking links to help people find, save and share your videos.


Bullet Create videos that multiple people (possibly some of your customers) appear in. The best team of viral marketers you can hire are people who appear in your video and pass the video to their friends and family.


Bullet Once you have made a few videos you are going to want to submit them to the various video sharing sites. You are obviously going to want to focus on YouTube because of its popularity but there are several other great video sharing websites available as well. There is also great software out there that makes this process easy. Check out Traffic Geyser here They have some great information and a free trial.


Bullet Another great tool is Tube Mogul, you can find it here

You tube has a cool little video tool where you can make your own search video to market whatever you want. Check it out here the link pops up at the end to make your own.

Get going and make some videos!