What Are The Best Exercise Machines For Cardio?

We know that exercise is good for our overall health, and that cardio, in particular, is good for increasing our lung capacity, reducing our risk of cardiovascular disease and increasing our fitness levels. Now that we know this, how do we know which is the best exercise machine and what kind of aerobic exercise will achieve the best results and get a flat stomach around your midsection?

If you are a novice or new to fitness training, it may be a bit confusing to decide which cardio machines to use. Below I have listed the 5 most common cardio machines along with a brief description of each.


best exercise machine weight lossThe treadmill is one of the most popular cardio machines at the gym. People feel comfortable with the treadmill because it’s a familiar machine and the workout simulates something that we are all used to doing -running and walking. It is a little more forgiving than running outdoors but you want to make sure that you set the treadmill to a challenging pace for the duration of the workout. Don’t make the mistake of slowing down on the treadmill or ignoring the options to do hills and intervals. 

Stair Climbers

The stair climber is one of those machines that a lot of people will avoid because it doesn’t look as easy as some of the other cardio machines in the gym. The stair climber demands a high level of technique and focus, forcing you to be powerful in your actions. Set the machine to a challenging level and then make sure that you pump your arms as though you are climbing; don’t rest on the rails. You can perform powerful leg movements by placing your weight on one foot and then pushing off of it onto the next step. This is a great exercise to lose tummy fat.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

This machine works out the entire body but because it’s a low-impact machine, it’s relatively easy for most people to use it in spite of any injuries or difficulties that they may have. Do not make the elliptical machine your only source of cardio, however, as your bone mass and strength could suffer with this type of non impact exercise. The important thing to remember when using elliptical's is to switch up the routine by changing the settings for a more challenging workout. Set the resistance high so you have to use your arms as well as your legs.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are great for beginners. They provide excellent cardiovascular benefits and are one of the easiest machines to operate. People who enjoy biking may find that they also enjoy using the stationary bike at the gym. The recumbent bicycle is a great option for people with back problems as this machine allows you to be seated in the device instead of having to hold yourself upright.  Both machines can be a great belly fat burner, if you’re willing to challenge yourself. If you get too lazy and bike at a leisurely pace then you won’t enjoy the weight loss benefits this machine can offer.

best exercise machine to burn belly fatSpin Bike

The spin bike offers the best workout on a stationary bike, as long as you push yourself. Spin bikes do not have pre-programmed workouts, but they do track your mileage, time and speed. You can ride a spin bike in a class, following the instructor's planned workout, or you can find individual spin bikes in the cardio rooms of many gyms. If riding alone, bring along some upbeat music and pedal to the beat to keep yourself going.

Regardless of which piece of equipment you choose, fitness experts suggest that for best results you use an interval training technique while exercising. This means moving from high to moderate intensity during your workout. For example, if you are using a spin bike, try doing three minutes of high intensity followed by 1 minute of moderate intensity. This technique works by constantly pushing your metabolism to keep your calorie-burning levels high which will help you to get 6 pack abs fast.

So what is the best exercise machine?

These are all great cardio workout machines for weight loss. The answer is simple. The best machine is the one that you feel comfortable working out on, enjoy using and can commit to using on a regular basis. In order to continue to lose weight on these machines, you have to keep challenging yourself to workout out for longer periods of time on more challenging settings.

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