Factors For A Successful Core Muscle Workout

core_workoutIf you're looking for a core muscle workout, there are a few factors that you'll want to keep in mind to ensure that are present in your workout program.

Many people devote a lot of time and energy into performing their core muscle workout plan, but then don't see the results they had hoped for. More often than not it's simply because the necessary factors weren't present that are required to get sleek abs and a firm middle, so by making sure these are in place, you can feel confident you're on track to success.

The main factors that must be present for your core muscle workout.


The very first factor that must be present if you're going to have success with your core muscle workout is instability. Making yourself instable as you go about performing the exercises will cause the core muscles to contract that much harder as they struggle to help you maintain control.

The simplest way to create this instability in the body is to simply perform the core muscle workout on an exercise ball. These can easily be purchased at your local fitness store for a very cost effective price.

High Variety

The second thing that you'll want to consider when doing your core muscle workout is that you have plenty of variety. If not enough variety is present then there's a very good chance that you will adapt quickly to the routine, and as soon as that happens, you'll stop seeing results.

The more variety you have the more you'll keep your muscles guessing as to what comes next and the better the results you'll see.

Additional Weight

Adding some outside weight to your core muscle workout is another good idea to really help boost the overall definition and move you closer to your goal.

You can add additional weight to the movements by either strapping on some ankle weights when performing exercises such as lying leg raises or hanging leg raises, or you can hold a weight plate when doing crunches or oblique crunches.

Both of these techniques will increase the total stress load on the muscles and therefore enhance the overall stimulation.

Long Movement Patterns

Finally, the last requirement that should be in place for your core muscle workouts is that you are moving through as long of a movement pattern as possible.

When you perform the exercise over just a very short movement pattern you aren't stimulating every single muscle fiber in the core, thus you'll see a decrease in results.

By moving over that wider range of motion you'll recruit the full set of muscle fibers in the abdominal area, thus increasing the calorie burn of the exercise as well as boosting your toning and defining benefits.

So have a good look over your current core muscle workout.

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