Are Fitness Videos Good For Getting Into Shape?

Fitness videos seem to be a fad of the past. As the internet begins to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, many companies are beginning to go online to launch new products and services. The fitness and weight loss industry is no different. With the recent advances in internet technology, online videos are becoming more readily available. We all have high speed connections and huge computers so we can watch these video formats easier than ever before.

fitness-programOnline fitness videos are usually part of a bigger picture or complete fitness program. At Motivate Fitness we have over 200 instructional exercise videos to show you how to get a six pack, gain muscle or fitness goals. For many people, it is hard to understand how to properly perform some of these exercises and because a personal one-on-one trainer can be in excess of $60/hour, the next best thing is an online exercise instruction video.

DVD’s offer no support as they are not viral or live like the web. Many sites using online fitness videos now have robust websites that offer several levels of participation depending on how involved you want to be.

When you become a member of Motivate Fitness, you can create your own blog and track your progress. Post a question and get some help from a seasoned veteran. Post a few pictures and share your weight loss story with others. We also have state of the art Motivate Nutrition software that has helped over 1 million users get into shape, lose weight and keep it off. There is no other fitness program that provides this for their members

Our site is updated regularly with the most current advancements taking place in the weight loss industry. Fitness is our life and by sharing in a viral community with other like minded individuals, you gain an unparalleled empowerment that could never get from watching a fitness video or DVD. Talk back, ask questions, and gain valuable advice, all from just logging on and signing up.

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