Heart Healthy Eating Begins With Smart Shopping

heart healthy foodsHeart healthy eating and consequently, the ability to lose belly fat is dependent on one thing: smart shopping in the grocery store. Every trip to buy groceries involves some temptation, as the aisles are stocked with high fat and high sodium foods that are far from healthy for us. The key to smart shopping is to use common sense, and to try to stick to natural foods as much as possible.  Depending on your weight loss and fitness goals, you might find that your needs for groceries are different, but lean protein, whole grains, and lots of produce (preferably organic) should always be on your shopping list.

If you are trying to work on a six pack, you'll need to do some smart shopping in conjunction with six pack exercises to get those popping abs. Smart shopping for anyone who wants to get a flat stomach should include lean meats such as turkey, fish, and of course very lean beef if that is desired by the individual. Vegetables are a must, and one should buy plenty of leafy green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and other green vegetables from the produce section.

In terms of whole grains, whole wheat pasta and bread are a good idea. It is important, however, to shop smart by keeping an idea on just how healthy those "healthy" foods are. Sometimes foods that claim to be healthy can be packed with extra sugar or salt, making them have a lot more calories or fat than they need, and than are good for us. Staying lean means picking low fat, low calorie foods with lots of produce, whole grains, and vegetables. Fruit is also important for a heart healthy, six pack abs diet.

Develop a Heart Healthy Eating Plan

The key to smart shopping is to learn the right habits so that every time you go to the grocery store, you know exactly what you should be getting. You might even consider hiring someone to do your shopping if staying away from junk food is tough for you when you go to the grocery store.  It's also wise to go to the grocery store after you have eaten so you are not tempted to buy things you know are bad for your diet. People are a lot more inclined to buy junk food at the grocery store if they are hungry when they go shopping.

Ultimately, staying lean and following a good fat burning, low calorie diet that helps to keep energy levels high and body fat low is only possible with smart shopping habits.The key is to stay as natural as possible with your food choices. Avoid too many canned, packaged goods.  Just about anything in a wrapper is not going to be good for a person trying to follow a smart diet and get 6 pack abs fast.

Remember that avoiding temptation in the grocery store is important, so try to go when you are not hungry.

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