3 Big Tips To Help You Lose Tummy Fat
And Keep It Off For Good

Hey everybody, what to lose tummy fat? Here are some sure fire tips from the team at Motivate Fitness to help you lose tummy fat and keep it off for the rest of your life. Motivate Fitness takes a fresh new approach to fat loss using a combination of healthy eating, smart exercise and access to Registered Dieticians and Certified Personal Trainers. They have helped thousands Get 6 Pack Abs Fast and keep off weight and with a little dedication and hard work; you can join their long list of success stories!

lose-tummy-fat-fastHow to lose tummy fat Tip #1 – Makeover your fridge

The biggest thing you can do right now to lose tummy fat is go straight to the refrigerator and start tossing out the things that say “trans fat”, “high fructose corn syrup”, and “soy products.” All three of these things are detrimental to success in your weight loss program. Eliminating them from your diet COMPLETELY will give you a good head start on your quest to become lean.

How to lose tummy fat Tip #2 – Start interval training

The proper fitness program is essential to helping you lose belly fat. Interval training is a form of cardiovascular exercise without the long, boring repetition of performing actual cardio. You can receive the same metabolic effect with 20 minutes of interval training as you can with one hour of cardio. How is this possible? Interval training, which is high intensity bursts of activity followed by an active rest period, fires up your metabolism so you are burning excess calories up to 48 hours after you have completed the exercise. A typical cardio workout will stop burning calories minutes after the exercise is completed. Moderately paced cardio exercises will also burn off your immediate fat stores and start depleting your muscle stores about 20 minutes into your workout. Not good!

How to lose tummy fat Tip #3 – Abdominizers and Absercisers

I’m not sure if you have actually fallen for any of these gadgets, but if you have, don’t worry because you are not alone. Companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to get you to buy their machines. In case you didn’t already know, they will not make you lose tummy fat. No ab machine or any amount of six pack exercises will ever expose the abdominal muscles that exist under your layers of fat. Doing more crunches will only build up the muscles underneath the fat that is already there.. You already possess a great set of abs! You just need to expose them and this will only be accomplished by eating and training properly.

These are three big how to lose belly fat tips that will give you a head start towards achieving a new, leaner you. To find out more, visit Motivate Fitness where these and many more tips are explained in more graphic detail. You will be surprised at how great this program is and how different it is from everything else.


Ready to start? Motivate Fitness has proven fitness plans that will help you burn tummy fat and keep it off forever.

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