Benefits of Organic Green Tea

organic-green-teaMany experts say that if you drink between 3 to 5 cups of organic green tea per day it will help to burn off those calories. Supposedly you can lose about 70 calories or more a day so so if you do the math, that equals about 7 pounds for a full year. Not bad for just drinking tea right? Like anything else, this is not your one way ticket to getting a flat stomach but it has its benefits and on the flip side – disadvantages as most everything does.


First, The Advantages Of Organic Green Tea...

Increased Metabolism – Organic green tea has proven to significantly increase your metabolism. Over just 24 hours, your metabolic rate will increase by 4%. This is because of the catechin polyphenols which will give you that extra boost of energy. Motivate Fitness has a complete section on metabolism and how it benefits you in fat loss.

Regulation & Absorption – Helping to slow down glucose from going into fat cells, green tea is a regulator. It will slow down the amounts of blood sugar consumed after a meal. Spikes of insulin increase fat storage but green tea slows this all down.  

Appetite – Not to say this is a good thing but it depends on who you ask! Green tea will decrease a person’s appetite. The quickest way to lose weight is not by reducing your appetite but if you have a problem with suppressing your appetite, perhaps green tea can be of assistance.

The Disadvantages of Organic Green Tea...

Just as good as organic green tea can be in helping someone to lose weight or lose water retention, let’s look at the disadvantages before you start replacing your morning coffee with the over consumption of green tea.

Health Issues – You must be very careful with the levels of consumed caffeine because if you have heart issues or problems with blood pressure, green tea can make it worse. Always be sure to ask your doctor if drinking green tea is a good idea. Same goes if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Truth is, organic green tea will assist you in weight loss but it takes more than just drinks or foods that help you lose weight to shed the unwanted fat and get that six pack you desire. It may be able to assist in giving you the energy to make it to the gym, it may be able to get rid of your appetite and prevent you from over eating and may help burn a few extra calories but it takes more than a little tea to truly take strip the weight off and keep it that way.

To find out more about Green Tea and it’s benefits along with 50 other tricks you can do to keep the weight off, visit Motivate Fitness. Let us share what we know about the fitness world with you and show you how you can incorporate the consumption of green tea into your heart healthy eating and workout routine.

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