Fruit Smoothies Should Not be Included
In Your Six Pack Diet Plan

As you go about forming your six pack diet plan, it’s going to be very important that you’re not only paying attention to the foods that you’re putting in your mouth each day, but that you’re also taking into account the beverages that you’ll be consuming.

six-pack-diet-planBeverages can really make or break the results that you see and it’s something that so many people forget to factor in.

If you’re consuming an extra 200-400 calories worth of drinks per day, this could potentially cancel out all the fat loss progress that you were going for.

Let’s take a quick peak at what you should know about which beverages you’ll want to stay away from on your six pack diet.

The very first beverage to be extra careful about while working to learn how to get six pack abs is the fruit smoothie. These may seem healthy since they have a mix of a number of good ingredients, but don’t be misled.

The problem with these is that they’re often loaded with simple sugars due to the high amount of yogurt, ice cream, or juice content in them.

In addition to that, the serving sizes you get with most smoothie bars is far greater than anyone should be having and this itself means these will easily contribute far too many calories to your day.

If you want a fruit smoothie, prepare your own so you can have complete control over what goes into them.

Gourmet Coffee Is Another No No While Following A Six Pack Diet Plan

The second important beverage that you need to be careful with is gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffees can also contain upwards of 300-500 calories, especially when they come complete with whip cream and all the toppings. A proper six pack diet plan simply can’t include these high calorie beverages.

If they’re made with full fat cream rather than skim milk and also have a number of high sugar syrups added, this will also increase their total calorie count.

If you need a caffeine fix, go with black coffee with some cinnamon instead. This will be far better for sticking with your six pack diet plan and allowing you to see the success that you’re after.

To enhance the flavour further, consider even adding some vanilla protein powder in, which will instantly add a creamier taste.

What, You Can’t Include Alcoholic Drinks In Your Six Pack Diet Plan?

That’s right the final beverage that you need to be extra careful about when going about your six pack diet is alcoholic drinks. Straight alcohol with some diet soda isn’t too bad of a choice when consumed once in a while, but if you get into mixed drinks or cocktails, the calories really skyrocket.

These have far too many high calorie mixers and added ingredients and will totally destroy your calorie budget. In addition to that, they’re also going to put the brakes instantly on any fat loss taking place in your body, so are definitely not ideal for your six pack abs diet.

So there you have the most important beverages that you’ll want to stay far away from if you hope to see success on your diet plan. Instead, opt for fat promoting drinks such as water or Green tea.

Remember when you are learning how to get a six pack fast the more attention you pay to your diet the faster you will see results.