Stomach Fat

If you’re on a mission to lose stomach fat and beat the battle of the bulge, not only is having a sound program in place going to be important, but you’re also going to want to make sure that you fully understand what causes the problem in the first place.

Those who have a firm understanding of why they are gaining stomach fat to start off with will be much more motivated as they go about their workout program to reach the goals that they’re striving for.

Let’s have a quick look at what causes stomach fat so that you can form a clear picture in your mind what you should be trying to do about this.

Stomach Fat Cause #1: Extra Calories

The very first thing that can cause stomach fat to develop is a great deal of extra calories. Simply put, stomach fat accumulation is going to occur any time there is a miss-match in your calorie intake versus your calorie expenditure.

Take in more calories than you burn over the course of the day and you are going to start to see stomach fat come onto the body.

Therefore, to be able to learn how to lose stomach fat fast, you simply need to reduce your calorie intake back low enough so that you’re burning more than you eat.

It’s a simple mathematical equation yet one that so many people get incorrect.

Stomach Fat Cause #2: Inactivity

The second reason why many people often gain stomach fat is due to inactivity. We live in a world where more and more people are becoming sedentary by the day.

Gone are the days when you used to do something active after work. Now, you’re coming home and sitting on the couch watching your favourite TV show.

This causes you to burn even fewer calories over the course of the day, again increasing the chances that you start to gain stomach fat.

Stomach Fat Cause #3: Stress

The final reason that some people start to struggle with being able to lose stomach fat is because of stress. Stress is a very big problem in today’s society as everyone is chronically stressed out.

Not only is stress harmful to your health as it can put you at risk for health conditions such as stroke and heart disease, but stress is also going to release a hormone in the body called cortisol, which can promote stomach fat accumulation.

This then makes it even more challenging to succeed with losing stomach fat, so you’re definitely going to struggle to reach that end goal.

If you want to see faster success, you must get your stress level under control.

So there you have the top reasons why people gain stomach fat. Fortunately if you work hard at adjusting these three things, you can quickly move forward onto the path you want to be.