The Trimspa Diet. Is it Good or Bad?

The Trimspa diet pill was initially just another diet pill claiming to be the quickest way to lose weight, until Anna Nicole Smith came on board as the spokesperson and then sales began to explode.  Trimspa is manufactured by a company called Nutriamerica and is or was their most popular fat burner.

The commercials went something like this. Anna Nicole started taking trimspa the beginning of 2003 and reported losing over 32 lbs. By the fall of 2003 she claimed to have lost over 65 lbs., all of which was attributed to six trimspa pills daily. She also mentioned a few other things along the way saying she altered her diet and did a colon cleanse which tells you it wasn’t just the diet pills.

After this media frenzy, Trimspa could be found in virtually any drugstore you walked into.

But... Does The Trimspa Diet really work?

Watch this video below to discover the truth about Trimspa diet pills.

Trimspa and many other so called diet pills are basically a scam and do not work. So what does work and how can you lose belly fat?

With all the advances in science and medicine, I know everyone wants to believe in a diet pill that will help you lose weight, but this is simply impossible. Your body needs certain things in order to lose weight.

The truth is about TheTrimspa Diet, losing weight doesn't have to be that hard if you know a few things.

You can lose weight quickly and change your whole body in a matter of weeks, but you have to be prepared to take massive action. On the other hand, if you only want to lose weight slowly, you can change a few things in your life and begin to lose weight at a gradual pace.

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