What Are Xenadrine Diet Pills and Who Makes Them?

Xenadrine diet pills are manufactured by a New Jersey company called Cytodyne Technologies. I love how these companies name themselves after something that sounds like a steroid. From a marketing perspective they think we will associate their products with steroids. Everybody knows steroids work; we see athletes breaking one record after another and then getting caught using steroids.

This company manufactures a couple of different lines of the Xenadrine diet pills - Xenadrine RFA and Xendrine EFX. Both claim to aid in weight loss and have you looking like a supermodel or gym rat in no time flat. These pills originally contained ephedrine which has proven to be extremely dangerous and is now banned by the FDA. After numerous lawsuits the company was forced to change their formula.


Do Xenadrine diet pills actually work?

Watch the video below and you will find evidence of the false claims made by many of these diet pill companies. If you expect to get a flat stomach, these pills are not the answer!


So what does it actually take to lose weight?

The reality is that Xendrine or other diet pills just don’t work. There is no miracle that will help you drop the 30, 40 or 50lbs you want to lose. Although there are a few pills that can be helpful, they will only increase your results by 10-15%. They can help but should not be the main focus of your fitness program.

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